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Finding A SHOW participants 

BLIND FATE is a dating reality show with FUN & GENUINE. Participants are invited to the show to find their lifetime partners. The selection process is based on their interests and personal profiles. Candidates MUST HAVE A UNIQUE TRAIT/INTEREST that triggers audiences to watch. Each episode’s theme will be defined on this special UNIQUENESS.


Looking for LOVE?

Here is your chance!

We are looking for 21+ single adults to take part in a genuine & fun blind dating show. Participants are invited to find their lifelong partner based on their interests & personal profiles.​

  • During the games, you have an opportunity to chat and introduce yourself to one another without seeing

  • You can have up to 5 questions to ask for something that helps you decide your partner

  • We provide a lot of fun games for participants to get the best match person

  • However, it is definitely your choice!

  • If you are looking for a lifetime partner?

Couple in Love
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